How to: white bread

We make our own bread, and it is one of the easiest and most satisfying ways to get into cooking from scratch. You can read the full story on why making your own bread can be the cornerstone of eating better for less money in our why we make our own bread post.   What…

The base to a million recipes all in one pot

How to: Make Chicken Stock

You learned how to roast a whole chicken in the slow cooker or the oven at this link: How To: Roasting a Whole Chicken.  Hopefully, you enjoyed a good meal along with one of our sides recipes. Now, you find yourself left with a chicken carcass.  You might be tempted to throw those bones away,…

Don't mess with your new convection oven when cooking food for pictures.

How to: Roasting a Whole Chicken

One of the most useful home economics lessons I’ve learned is the value in both monetary savings and increased flavor that I get when I get the most out of the things I cook. One of the easiest and biggest bangs for your cooking time and effort is roasting a whole chicken, enjoying the meat…


Grocery List for Week #1

The first week’s grocery list might be a little more expensive than normal, probably about $100 to $150.  I included prices based on what we normally pay for these items at our local grocery without coupons.  We don’t know what food you already have.  But that’s ok, even if there is a little lost efficiency…


Cooking Lesson #1 – Sugar

Sugar, particularly glucose, is the primary fuel for your body.  Your brain, for example, can eat nothing else.  Most digestion is the conversion other carbohydrates and fats into some kind of sugar.  Sugar is fairly cheap and it is usually the easiest way to add sweet flavor to food.  And in most forms it readily dissolves in water, so…

homemade blueberry pancakes

“You put flour in your pancakes?”

Mass marketing and a half century of affluence changed the concept of home economics in the USA.  Somewhere in the last 75 years, the primary goal changed.  A well-kept home was always something worth showing off.  But now, showing off appears to be the purpose.  Who cares how well you support your family, the goal…

Your basic kitchen arsenal

The Barest Kitchen

The kitchen is the primary work space of home economics.  There are a few basic necessities that every kitchen needs.  Everybody has their standards.  These are ours.  Prices range from almost nothing to whatever you want to pay.  Seriously, there’s no upper limit.  I’m going to recommend some prices based on the longevity and the…

Menu Day #1

$4.23 per person (average of $1.41 per meal) 108g Protein 88g Fat 208g Carbohydrates 2067 Calories The first step is always the biggest.  I recommend that you start on a Monday.  The Sunday before, you have to make cookies.  You’ll need the calories on Monday, and probably Tuesday.  After that, you’ll have delicious chicken soup to…

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