What We’re About

Home Economics is the catch-all term for the set of skills needed to properly and efficiently manage a household.  It includes cooking, finance (including consumer spending), cleaning, and basic repair.   And for a generation, these skills have been neglected or, in many cases, outright shunned.  The consequences are staggering and insidious.  Without these skills as our watchdog, we’ve been unable to guard against the persuasiveness of mass marketing.  We, as a society, bought into what the TV commercials said about how we should live lazily, that we should eat extravagantly, and most importantly, that we should BUY everything they sell.  We’ve somehow convinced ourselves that “healthy food is more expensive” and that “it’s worth it to eat out because it takes so much time to cook and clean-up.”  We are wasteful and it hurts us, it hurts our communities, and it’s bad for the environment.

Every man and woman should have the skills to keep a home.  And it seems fairly straightforward, but many of the resources you’d use to teach yourself are commercially corrupted.  Recipes are published by manufacturers to sell more products.  I’ve never read a cookbook that included cost estimates.  Most home economics books I’ve read either contain none of the economics (no meaningful cost considerations) or they are more grounded in politics than they are in pragmatism.  Websites and blogs tend to be more focused, but they are always predicated on the idea that one spouse is a full time homemaker.  As a result, they don’t consider time-savings as a priority.

So we’re compiling the nuts and bolts of basic home economics.  Initially, we will cover cooking and grocery shopping because it is ripest for improvement and probably the most neglected.  This blog will eventually cover the basics of home budgeting, cleaning, basic repairs and other life skills as we have the opportunity to demonstrate them.  This is adulthood.  Welcome to the introductory course.  Like everything else, it’s more fun when you’re good at it.

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