Menu Day #1

$4.23 per person (average of $1.41 per meal)

108g Protein
88g Fat
208g Carbohydrates
2067 Calories

The first step is always the biggest.  I recommend that you start on a Monday.  The Sunday before, you have to make cookies.  You’ll need the calories on Monday, and probably Tuesday.  After that, you’ll have delicious chicken soup to accompany your lunches, and it will provide an inexpensive calorie boost.  This will free up more funding for nicer dinners.

To make the chicken stock for the next day, you’ll need to save your leftover chicken bones.


Breakfast Calories Macronutrient Totals Cost
2 eggs scrambled 182 Cal Protein – 26g $0.50
1 slice of toasted white bread 115 Cal Fat – 39g $0.05
1 tbsp jam 50 Cal Carbs – 50g $0.20
0.5 tbsp butter (for toast) 51 Cal $0.07
0.5 tbsp bacon grease (frying eggs) 51 Cal $0.07
1 Slice of bacon 43 Cal $0.25
8oz whole milk 148 Cal $0.19
647 Cal   $1.24


Lunch Calories Macronutrient Totals Cost
2 slices White Bread 229 Cal Protein – 26g $0.10
2oz Deli sliced ham 60 Cal Fat – 22g $0.50
1 oz cheddar cheese 110 Cal Carbs – 96g $0.30
1 Banana 88 Cal $0.21
1 homemade chocolate chip cookie 162 Cal $0.10
649 Cal   $1.21


Dinner Calories Macronutrient Totals Cost
5oz Roast Chicken breast 234 Cal Protein – 56g $1.25*
2 Small baked potatoes 258 Cal Fat – 27g $0.10
1oz Cheddar cheese 114 Cal Carbs – 62g $0.30
0.5 Tbsp butter 41 Cal $0.13
1 homemade chocolate chip cookie 162 Cal $0.10
657 Cal   $1.78

*Difficult to calculate.  The whole chicken costs about $5, you’re eating the best part of it, but only about ¼ of the total meat.


That’s enough calories to sustain an adult male of average height, weight, and body fat who’s not unusually active.  If you’re overweight, it might feel like too little at first, but your body will adjust.  If you are unusually active, or trying to gain weight, then you might want to eat a little more.



Don’t forget to convert your leftover chicken into chicken stock.  Tomorrow, we’ll make chicken noodle soup with it.  Here are the directions: How To: Make Chicken Stock

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