Menu: Day #10

Cost: $3.11 ($1.04 per meal)

Protein: 88g
Fat: 125g
Carbohydrates: 152g
Calories: 2014

For dinner, we’ll be making chili.  You should have enough chili for 2 meals per person.     So you’re going to have some leftovers.  I expect you’ll be eating it for dinner on day 12 or day 13.

If you didn’t do it last night, you need to start soaking your beans first thing this morning!  If you bought a 1lb bag if dried kidney beans, then you’ll need to use about half of them today.  Save the rest for the next time you make chili.


Breakfast Calories Macronutrient Totals Cost
1 Biscuit 241 Cal  Protein – 25g $0.09
2 Scrambled Eggs 180 Cal  Fat – 40g $0.50
1/2 tbsp butter 35 Cal  Carbs – 37g $0.06
1 glass of Whole Milk 146 Cal $0.13
607 Cal $0.78


Lunch Calories Macronutrient Totals Cost
2 slices White Bread 191 Cal  Protein – 35g $0.10
2oz Ham 136 Cal  Fat – 36g $0.40
1 tbsp Mayonnaise 90 Cal  Carbs – 52g $0.05
1 cup Fifteen Bean Soup 180 Cal $0.20
1 slice Swiss Cheese 80 Cal $0.35
682 Cal $1.10


Dinner Calories Macronutrient Totals Cost
2 cups Chili with Spaghetti 539 Cal  Protein – 28g  $1.23
1 slice of chocolate cake 191 Cal  Fat – 49g  $0.10
 Carbs – 63g
730 Cal    $1.33

You should notice, at this point, that the cost per meal is trending downwards.  All of this week’s meats are fairly cheap and we’re using less of them.  Next week, we’ll buy another beef roast and the prices will go up a bit, but we’ll also have about 2 lbs of  leftover ground beef.  (We’ll cook another pound on Saturday.)  That’s $10 of this week’s grocery budget that we didn’t spend.  And we’ll use it to subsidize a later week.


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