Menu: Day #9

Cost: $3.75 ($1.25 per meal)

Protein: 111g
Fat: 77g
Carbohydrates: 240g
Calories: 2046

Pancakes on a Tuesday!  This week’s menu assumes you can have this pancake twice (8 servings for 4 people) during the week before you use up all the sausage.  You don’t necessarily have to do it on the days I suggest.  The pancake breakfast is a bit short on protein, though.  Luckily, we make that up at dinner.

Breakfast Calories Macronutrient Totals Cost
3 Pancakes (4″ diameter) 221 Cal  Protein – 17g $0.09
1/4 Cup pancake Syrup 220 Cal  Fat – 17g $0.50
1 small Sausage Patty (1oz cooked) 70 Cal  Carbs – 108g $0.25
1 glass of Whole Milk 146 Cal $0.13
657 Cal $0.97


Lunch Calories Macronutrient Totals Cost
2 slices White Bread 191 Cal  Protein – 35g $0.10
2oz Ham 136 Cal  Fat – 36g $0.40
1 tbsp Mayonnaise 90 Cal  Carbs – 52g $0.05
1 cup Fifteen Bean Soup 180 Cal $0.20
1 slice Swiss Cheese 80 Cal $0.35
677 Cal $1.10


Dinner Calories Macronutrient Totals Cost
6oz roast chicken breast w/ skin 413 Cal  Protein – 59g  $1.50
1 cup Steamed White Rice 149 Cal  Fat – 24g  $0.10
1 slice of Chocolate cake 191 Cal  Carbs – 80g  $0.10
753 Cal    $1.70

You can already tell that this week’s meals are more varied than last week’s were.  The routine should be settling in nicely.   In fact, you’ve pretty much made this dinner before.  And you’ll make it again this week.  Go ahead and use the leftover bones and skin to make the broth, but freeze it.  It’s probably worth it to have an extra gallon of chicken broth around.  You can use it as a cooking ingredient, or as an emergency soup.  Keep the leftover chicken meat, you’ll use it for fried rice later this week.

We’re making chili tomorrow, so start soaking your kidney beans!


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