Grocery List for Week #2

Total ($139)

Today’s theme is rice and beans.  Rice is a HUGE staple grain.  It can be a side, an entree, or a dessert.  It built civilizations.  It can be cooked with relatively little intervention.  And, like all dried grains, if you can seal the container then it will last for years.  So before this trip, you should probably go to a discount store and buy the largest sealed container you can fit on your shelves.  If you have plenty of pantry space for tall containers, then consider Wal-Mart’s 28lbs of rice in a food bucket.  But in either case, just remember that next month is automatically going to be $20 cheaper because you don’t have to buy the rice and most of the seasonings.

This weeks soup is ham and bean.  If you don’t like bean soup, then you can make chicken and rice soup instead.  But just to warn you, that’s going to be next week’s soup, so don’t wear it out too early.

Fresh Produce ($8):

  • Broccoli or salad greens ($2) – I assume broccoli
  • Green Beans ($2 for 1-2lb at $1-2 per lb)
  • Tomatoes ($2 for a bunch of four on the vine)
  • Bananas or Apples ($2 for snacks)
  • As needed: Potatoes ($4)
  • Optional: Seasonal or discounted Fruit ($2)
  • Optional: Carrots and Celery as needed ($2) – you probably don’t need any


Meat ($57):

  • 2 Large-ish Chicken fryers ($12 at $1.20 per lb and 1.25 lbs per person)
  • Ham on the bone ($20 at $2 per lb, but you can’t find them much smaller than 10 lbs)
  • Ground beef ($15 at $3 per lb for  1lb per person)
  • 1lb Deli sliced Turkey ($4)
  • Breakfast Sausage ($6 at $3 per lb for 0.5 lbs per person)
  • Optional: Breakfast Sausage #2 ($6 at $3 per lb for 0.5 lbs per person)
  • Optional: Chicken breasts ($10 at $2.50 per lb for 1lb per person)


Dairy ($24):

  • Whole Milk, at least 1.5 quarts per person – that’s a glass a day ($6 at $3 per gallon)
  • Eggs,  about a dozen per person ($8 at $2 per dozen)
  • Butter ($4)
  • Cheese, for sandwiches ($6 at $3 per lb and 0.5lbs per person)


Grain/Staples ($40):

  • White Rice, as large a bag as you can store ($20 at about $1 per lb – dry) – this will last for months
  • Powdered Sugar ($2)
  • Cocoa powder ($2)
  • Dried Beans (Mixed for ham and bean soup and Kidney) ($5)
  • Spaghetti ($4 at $1 per lb for 4 lbs)
  • Canned Tomato Sauce ($1.50 for 2 cans)
  • Canned crushed tomatoes  ($1.50 for 2 cans)
  • Lard or Shortening ($3)
  • As needed: Vegetable oil ($3)

Seasonings* ($8):

  • Chili Powder ($3)
  • Ground Mustard ($1)
  • Garlic powder ($1)
  • Cumin ($1)
  • Ground Red Pepper ($2) – this will last for months and months…I hope
  • Vanilla ($2)

*Spices are usually way overpriced at your local grocery.  It might be worth a trip to an ethnic grocery, especially a Mexican grocery.  Check there for spices sold in cellophane bags.

Luxuries ($5):

  • Optional: Coffee/Tea ($5)
  • Optional: Jam, as needed ($2)
  • Optional: Spaghetti Sauce ($1)
  • Optional: Bread ($4 at 1$ per loaf and 1 loaf per person per week)


Assuming you found the cheap spices, we’re clocking in at $139.00, which is just barely over the goal and closer than last week.  But remember, we’re buying enough food to feed 4 adults, but with a budget that’s designed for 2 adults and 2 small children.   I’m also basing my prices on the non-sale price of most of these foods.  The most expensive part of the menu is meat, and the butcher department at your local grocery will routinely have sales.  So don’t worry about cutting it close now.  You’ll have plenty of room by next month.

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