Menu: Day #7

Cost: $3.31 ($1.10 per meal)

Protein: 93g
Fat: 115g
Carbohydrates: 157g
Calories: 2007

Today’s breakfast is biscuits and jam/butter.  We’re going to use nearly the same trick we used yesterday.  You don’t like biscuits? Make bagels, Yankee.   Unfortunately, they take more time to prepare today.  It’s your call.  Today also has a mix and match option.  If you’re taking option #2, then you should have bought the extra pound of sausage that was optional on the grocery list.  Lunch should be the last of yesterday’s leftovers.  My daily totals assume you chose option #2.

Ham is for dinner.  It takes a few hours to roast a ham.  And we’re going to make soup afterwards, so you want it to be done fairly early.  So plan for an early Sunday dinner, and start cooking your ham around lunch time.

 In case you missed in yesterday, you need to start soaking your beans first thing this morning.  You’ll be making bean soup after dinner.   Beans should soak for about 12 – 24 hours.  So this is your last chance to start them soaking, or your lunch tomorrow is going to be lacking a soup.

Breakfast Option #1 (meatless) Calories Macronutrient Totals Cost
2 biscuits 482 Cal  Protein – 8g $0.18
1 tbsp jam 75 Cal  Fat – 34g $0.20
1 tbsp butter 70 Cal  Carbs – 62g $0.13
657 Cal   $0.54


Breakfast Option #2 (sausages) Calories Macronutrient Totals Cost
2 biscuits 482 Cal  Protein – 18g $0.18
2 Sausage Patties (2 x 1oz cooked) 184 Cal  Fat – 42g $0.50
 Carbs – 50g
666 Cal $0.68


Lunch Calories Macronutrient Totals Cost
2 slices White Bread 191 Cal Protein – 32g $0.10
4oz pulled pork BBQ 232 Cal  Fat – 32g $0.68
1 tbsp mayo 90 Cal  Carbs – 66g $0.05
1 slice Chocolate Cake 171 Cal $0.10
684 Cal $0.93


Dinner Calories Macronutrient Totals Cost
 6oz Roast Bone-in Ham  413  Protein – 43g  $1.17
1 cup steamed Green Beans  21  Fat – 41g  $0.30
1 Medium Potato  149  Carbs – 41g  $0.10
 1 tbsp butter  102    $0.13
   695    $1.70

After dinner, you’ll want to make bean soup.  Fully carve the ham and put the leftovers in the fridge.  You should have about 4 pounds of ham left.  Carve the bone out of the ham, and put it and the pan drippings from the roast into a stock pot with your beans and start it simmering.   Then clean up the rest of dinner normally.

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