Menu: Day #6 – Grocery Day

Cost: $3.47 ($1.16 per meal)

Protein: 90g
Fat: 62g
Carbohydrates: 259g
Calories: 1968

Aww yeah, it’s the weekend.  I’m going to assume you’re not working today or tomorrow as part of the plan.  If that’s not the case, then I’m sure you can manage switching it around.  So, I said last night that you should make cinnamon rolls this morning if you had a bread machine.  This is one of those places where a bread machine really shines, because it takes about 2 hours to make cinnamon rolls by hand, or about 45 minutes if you use a bread machine.  So, feel free to make cinnamon rolls by hand if you want.  I won’t bother with it unless I have the machine, because I don’t want to get up that much earlier than the kids.

Pancakes though?  They’re fast.  With limitless griddle space then they’re just as fast as eggs and toast.  You can even make them before work on weekdays.  But most importantly, unlike eggs and toast, you can freeze them and make instant pancakes.  And that’s exactly what you’re going to do: make twice as many pancakes as you plan to eat.  At this point, you should be out of bacon and low on eggs.  So, for the first time, we’re eating a meal without meat.  And now you can see how expensive meat actually is.  If you bought the optional extra breakfast meat on your last grocery trip, then today is the day you cook it.  You’ll eat it for breakfast today and tomorrow.  Just remember to cut those calories somewhere else if you don’t need them.

Also, lunch and dinner today continue to be leftovers.  You might have to adjust portions of meat to bread/potatoes to make it work.  Mix and match as necessary.


Breakfast Calories Macronutrient Totals Cost
3 pancakes 221 Cal  Protein – 14g $0.10
1/4 cup syrup 220 Cal  Fat – 18g $0.25
1 tbsp butter 70 Cal  Carbs – 107g $0.05
8oz whole milk 146 Cal $0.19
657 Cal   $0.59


Lunch Calories Macronutrient Totals Cost
2 slices White Bread 191 Cal Protein – 32g $0.10
4oz pulled pork BBQ 232 Cal  Fat – 32g $0.68
1 tbsp mayo 90 Cal  Carbs – 66g $0.05
1 Chocolate Chip Cookie 171 Cal $0.10
684 Cal $0.93


Dinner Calories Macronutrient Totals Cost
4oz. Beef Roast 245 Cal Protein – 44g $1.50
2 Medium Potatoes 298 Cal Fat – 12g $0.25
Half an Onion 53 Cal Carbs – 86g $0.10
1 Whole Carrot 31 Cal $0.10
627 Cal   $1.95


You’ll notice that there are a lot more carbs today.  Protein and fat tends to come as a pair.  So when we cut out that meat for breakfast, the extra calories had to come from somewhere.    They came from the syrup, in the form of sugar.  So today is the least healthy day we’ve had, but it was delicious and easy.

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