Menu: Day #3

Cost: $4.29 per person.  ($1.43 per meal)

Protein: 112g
Fat:  100g
Carbohydrates: 184g
Calories: 1990 Cal

Today is a fairly expensive day.  But check out this protein!  Are we vegetarians?  Nope!   Our grocery isn’t even that cheap.  Eating in this price range is simply low hanging fruit.  Just reach out and pick it.


Breakfast Calories Macronutrient Totals Cost
2 eggs scrambled 182 Cal Protein – 26g $0.50
1 slice of toasted white bread 115 Cal Fat – 39g $0.05
1 tbsp jam 50 Cal Carbs – 50g $0.20
0.5 tbsp butter (for toast) 51 Cal $0.07
0.5 tbsp bacon grease (frying eggs) 51 Cal $0.07
1 Slice of bacon 43 Cal $0.25
8oz whole milk 148 Cal $0.19
647 Cal   $1.24


Lunch Calories Macronutrient Totals Cost
2 slices White Bread 229 Cal Protein – 37g $0.10
1oz store brand deli thin ham 60 Cal  Fat – 31g $0.25
1oz store brand cheese 110 Cal  Carbs -63g $0.30
1 tbsp mayonnaise 90 Cal $0.05
 2 Cups Chicken Noodle Soup 158 Cal $0.35
647 Cal   $1.10


Dinner Calories Macronutrient Totals Cost
8oz Pulled Pork BBQ 413 Cal  Protein – 48g $1.35
2 Slices bread 229 Cal  Fat – 36g $0.10
1 cup steamed broccoli 55 Cal  Carbs – 74g $0.50
696 Cal    $1.95

Now we’re starting to get it together.  That ‘s half a lb of cooked pork.  Your 8lbs of pulled pork shoulder was probably about 6.5 lbs after cooking.  I guessed it should cost less than $16, and you just ate 1/12th of that, so about $1.33 for a half pound of cooked pork, plus a little more for the sugar and seasonings.   Chicken noodle soup is cheap.  It’s mostly leftovers, the valueless parts of a chicken (bones), and the chicken’s dark meat.

This is hearty stuff.  Your body is fueled.  You’re not spending an unreasonable amount of time cooking.  And you’re coming in at under $4.50 per person per day.

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