Grocery Shopping

Grocery List for Week #3

This week, we start frying.  I chose peanut oil due to its low flavor, high smoking temperature, and relative healthiness for an oil.  Frying oils aren’t ever health, but some are less unhealthy than others.  Unfortunately, it is also one of the more expensive frying oils.  Olive oil is more expensive, and makes everything taste…

Grocery List for Week #2

Total ($139) Today’s theme is rice and beans.  Rice is a HUGE staple grain.  It can be a side, an entree, or a dessert.  It built civilizations.  It can be cooked with relatively little intervention.  And, like all dried grains, if you can seal the container then it will last for years.  So before this…


Grocery List for Week #1

The first week’s grocery list might be a little more expensive than normal, probably about $100 to $150.  I included prices based on what we normally pay for these items at our local grocery without coupons.  We don’t know what food you already have.  But that’s ok, even if there is a little lost efficiency…

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